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Ultra-lightweight EBC Brakes X series floating front MC rotors since their introduction has become one of the world’s best-selling lightest and best-performing rotors available for all modern sportbikes, available from EBC Brakes distributors around the world.

  • 100% British-made product

  • Every individual line pressure tested after assembly

  • Improves brake feel and modulation

  • UK Factory built (not “workshop made” from components)

  • Lifetime guarantee against faults, defects, and failures

  • Identical routing as originals lines

Superbike Brake Pads deliver high performance and are well known as the EBC flagship sintered street sport brake pad.

EBC Brakes’ range of UK-manufactured high-performance braided steel brake lines are 100% pressure tested, guaranteed to be leak free, and give a firmer, more responsive feel compared to rubber lines. All of our brake lines not only meet our own stringent standards but are also approved by TÜV, DOT, ADR, and ISO.

All of our brake line kits are a direct replacement of the original manufacturer's lines therefore they fit the first time, every time – no need for adjusting angles or using universal fittings that do not fit.


Full floating to ensure optimum brake pad-to-rotor contact. Every high-quality, Galfer-patented Cubiq® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness, and heat treated to each specific application. KBA and TUV approved. Seamlessly replaces stock rotor. Full instructions are provided along with any technical help needed! Precision made in our Galfer factory in Spain.


Depending on the application, designed for the street and track, this rotor is for the rider that wants more than what the stock brakes can provide. Longer-lasting, extremely predictable, and consistent with a drastic increase in lever feel, modulation and brake torque.

Stainless Steel brake lines are typically the first brake upgrade you should make. Stock rubber lines will break down and expand, causing a spongy brake feel or worse. Steel lines eliminate expansion which results in consistent feel and performance.


Our Hybrid Dual Lift Stand is based upon a modular design and can be easily converted to lift from the forks OR the lower triple tree by simply swapping out a few parts (included with the Dual Lift) in a matter of seconds.

The Hybrid Dual Lift Front features 7 indexable height adjustments, which is very desirable when removing the forks on your motorcycle or even when lifting a bike with uneven forks from underneath the forks.

The Hybrid Dual Lift Front Stand comes standard with a 16" removable handle you can choose for maximum leverage and of course the convenience of not having the handle be a trip hazard when the bike is left on the stand.  Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors.


The Spooled Rear Stand lifts spool-equipped bikes. It is width adjustable to fit virtually all spool-equipped sportbikes. The Pit Bull rear motorcycle stand was designed as a modular platform that allows SS, Standard, 999, and GP top supports to be used interchangeably. Sold complete with top supports. Spools are sold separately.  




GFRA “GoFast” 520 Conv. Street kit with hard coat alum rear spkt. Gearing one down in front, stock rear. SX3 or RX3 Vortex Chain.

GFRS “GoFast” 520 Conv Street kit with laser cut steel rear spkt. Gearing one down in front, stock rear. SX3 or RX3 Vortex Chain.

HFRA “Hyper Fast” 520 Conv Street kit with hardcoat alum rear spkt. Gearing one down in front, two up in rear, SX3 or RX3 Vortex Chain.

HFRS “HyperFast” 520 Conv Street kit with laser cut steel rear spkt. Gearing one down in front, two up in rear, SX3 or RX3 Vortex Chain.

SSA Super Street kit. Stock gearing with hard coat alum rear spkt. SX3 or RX3 Vortex Chain.


  • Coarse thread enables quick closure without cross-threading

  • Large contoured finger tabs allow for easier opening compared to the classic Vortex design

  • The safety lock switch prevents accidental cap loosening due to vibration or contact

  • Integrated dual check valve assembly eliminates fuel tank pressure issues

  • Vent and chamber design helps stop leaks by containing any fuel that gets past the check valve

  • Up to 55% lighter than stock keyed fuel tank caps

  • Customize to match your bike with interchangeable colored safety lock switches

rk logo.PNG

BMC offers its cotton air filters in two versions for motorbike applications: “Standard”, for everyday use, and “Race”, designed for street/track use, also in carbon fiber. BMC range covers most of the current vehicles of different engine displacements and segments: enduro, crossover, custom, scooter, superbike, tourer, and even quad.

If you are serious about racing then the factory electronic steering damper must be replaced too. However, disconnecting the factory damper from the bike’s main harness will instantly result in the FI light coming on (which could mask some serious bike/engine-related faults). This is where the SD Eliminator comes in handy – just plug it into the factory damper’s connector and you’re ready to go!

(After disconnecting the factory electronic unit, we recommend using a quality aftermarket steering damper from a reputable brand/supplier (like HyperPro, Ohlins, etc)!


The PAIR system on modern sport and street bikes injects fresh air to the exhaust. Doing so, it minimizes the amount of unburnt fuel getting into the atmosphere. This is why the popping occurs on heavy deceleration, as the unburnt fuel is combusting in the end can.

Whether you just simply want to get rid of the popping, or opting for a dyno tune, the PAIR system is in your way. However, disconnecting the PAIR valve from the bike’s main harness will instantly result in the FI light coming on (which could mask some serious bike/engine-related faults).

The PS Eliminator will do the trick in a blink of an eye – just plug it into the PAIR valve’s connector and you’re all set!

(Race use only!)


Hyperpro is a worldwide leading manufacturer of progressive suspension products for motorcycles. We are known as a supplier for progressive suspension solutions. Our rising rate progressive springs are used worldwide, just as our shock absorbers. And don't forget the world-famous steering dampers. Hyperpro wants to offer the best solution for you as a rider and for your motorcycle. Safety and Control are our keywords. Those are key elements in our philosophy and thus in our developments. Riding a motorcycle must be fun and we provide you with easy tools to reach this as much as possible in every circumstance. On the racetrack, on the street, in the dirt, as a commuter, as a traveler, as an occasional rider.
We even provide solutions to adjust the bike to your length...

Upgrade your suspension is a good solution for everybody to enjoy their ride! We know, WE RIDE! Hyperpro has a warehouse that stocks about 30.000 springs for around 2500 bike models. We don't compromise! And we are approved by German KBA/TUV/GTU. The easiest way to prove the superiority of a progressive spring, is by performing a braking distance test. A bike equipped with progressive springs can reduce the braking distance by 15 to 20 percent in comparison to a bike equipped with other springs. In addition, a lot of the total performance of the bike is considerably improved as a result of using progressive springs.

For example, small bumps, and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately and large bumps or holes are intercepted by the more rigid part of the spring. This is reached by using a rising rate spring. This results in a bike that is faster on the race track and safer on the public highway!


Tekarbon is proud of offering high-quality carbon fiber parts made from autoclave technology. All of our parts go through our tedious inspection and final IN-HOUSE POLISHING PROCESS before they get shipped out, unlike other companies who simply pack and ship. We understand the different needs and preferences when it comes to dressing up your bike; therefore we offer many options such as 1x1 plain weave and 2x2 twill weave, glossy finish and matte finish, etc. Either we will have the part ready for you right away, or we will have it specially made for you!


We spent over a year in R&D, design, and testing to bring you this innovative component that no other company dared to make. This part is made specifically to fit with the TST Industries In-Tail LED Integrated Tail Light and makes the rear of your bike look finished and sexy like a Moto GP machine. We scanned the OEM geometry of the tail and subframe with extreme precision and made our undertail panel to fit like an OEM part. All the body lines of the tail, as well as the taillight, are carried through into the undertail design. The parts are heat and pressure cured then top-coated with a UV stabilized clear that will not yellow.


The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle. As a result, Woodcraft designs and builds the best Rearsets available to ensure your motorcycle reacts the way you intend it to

Our Rearset kits are tough because they're CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum which is more than twice the strength and durability OEM Rearset brackets. Our trick knurled footpegs give supreme feedback and the best traction available today.

Parts are easily accessible. 

Woodcraft will sell any individual Rearset pieces you need to replace. Plus, other riders and venues everywhere have Woodcraft Rearset parts in stock, so you're likely to find what you need, like replacement footpegs, in almost any paddock.
Ride with confidence knowing that Woodcraft Rearsets have proven their worth at hundreds of National and Regional Championships.

Woodcraft Engine Covers are not only a work of art for your motorcycle, they'll outlast anything else on the market! They're race-proven through nearly two decades of testing to provide the most reliable and durable protection for your motorcycle. They'll help ensure that when your bike hits the ground vital fluids stay inside the motor and gravel will stay out, allowing you to get back to riding as soon as possible.
mgp logo.png

MGP Stinger Exhaust – Slip-on’s

  • Matte carbon fiber canister

  • Stainless steel end caps with titanium-like luster

  • Black anodized canister sleeve rivets

  • No re-mapping necessary

  • Lightweight for weight reduction

  • Made in Italy

mgp logo.png

MGP Rearsets

Fully Adjustable T6 6061 MGP Rear Sets:

  • CNC machined from T6 6061 Billet Aluminum Available in Gold or Black with Red Accents

  • Fully Adjustable to suit your riding style – Race or Street

  • Multiple Adjustments for Footrest, shift, Brake, and Toe Peg

  • Return Brake Spring to prevent dragging your brakes

  • Includes Mounting bracket and Spring for OEM Brake Light Switch

  • Knurled Foot Pegs with Plastic end caps

  • Can be set up for GP Reverse Shift Pattern

  • Complete kit – no additional parts required

  • Easy to install – fully Assembled in the packaging

MGP your performance and style brand leader is pleased to offer the very best in hand controls with the fully adjustable folding levers.

These beautifully crafted levers are made of high aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for added strength and reliability. The 6-position clicker allows for quick on the fly position adjustments with a roller cam assembly that allows the rider to fine-tune the feel of the clutch and to compensate for brake fade.

The fold-away lever is an added feature for safety and reduces damage in the event of a crash. The folding hinge offers an excellent rider feel and response with a carefully crafted assembly.

It does not matter if you’re riding style is a two-finger grab or a hand full, the adjustable lever length will assure a proper fit. You simply cannot resist touching these beautiful controls due to the appealing contrast of both the satin and matte anodizing. These levers install easily to your OEM-style clutch perches and brake master cylinders so that you are back on the road or track in minutes.


  • 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

  • Cam adjustable lever position with 6 on-the-fly clickable settings.

  • Adjustable lever length to fit any rider.

  • Fold away hinge for safety and reduced damage.

  • Matte anodized finish.

  • Compatible with OEM-style clutch perches and master cylinders.

mgp levers g.PNG
mgp levers.PNG
mgp logo.png

Not all exhaust pipes are made equal, the Arrow Exhaust Header bears all of Arrow’s experience accumulated from world-class racing. That experience has led Arrow to fine-tune each part of their design and manufacturing processes. Everything from pipe diameters, section bends, components, welding, and layout are carefully tested to produce a product with high performance, reliability, and last but not least, good looks. 


  • Combine with an Arrow Slip-On Exhaust to create a full system

  • TIG welding throughout

  • Significant weight savings over stock exhaust system


Established by Giorgio Giannelli in 1985, Arrow performance uses the latest in CAD/CAM technology to produce some of the finest exhaust systems available.  With several championships in multiple genres of motorcycle racing to their name, Arrow has the experience needed to produce exhausts optimized for today's high-performance engines.

Constructed of high-quality Titanium, this system has been designed for ultimate performance from your 600RR.  Compatible with OEM bodywork and radiator.

Also available with stainless steel headers.

bst logo.PNG

Weighing between 40 and 60 percent less than OEM wheels, BST wheels bestow sportbikes with sharper corner-carving abilities, faster acceleration, and quicker braking by weighing less than their production-bike counterparts. Lighter wheels are also easier for suspension systems to control over bumps and irregular surfaces, yielding more traction and unimpeded acceleration. Less rotating mass also equals less rider fatigue.

A lighter rear wheel is easier for the shock to control properly, which leads to superior power application and much higher trap speeds in competition and track days.



The Dunlop Sportmax Q5 is evolving from a blend of the highly popular Sportmax Q4 and Dunlop’s cutting-edge MotoAmerica spec road race tires. The Q5 utilizes the very best technologies Dunlop has to offer for a track tire that is still street-legal.

Having enhanced constructions, profiles, compounds, and tread patterns, the Q5 is the new benchmark for track-day tires. The Q5 is even more user-friendly, has dry and wet grip, tire compliance, and warm-up times have all been improved. Tire warmers are not necessary for track use.

Dunlop Q5 Tire Tech (5)
Dunlop Q5 Tire Tech (4)
Dunlop Q5S Tire Tech (6)
Dunlop Q5S Tire Tech (4)
Dunlop Q5 Tire Tech (8)
Dunlop Q5S Tire Tech (5)
Dunlop Q5S Tire Tech (3)
Dunlop Q5 Tire Tech (6)
Dunlop Q5 Tire Tech (7)
  • Easily presses on and off master link plates for clip-style chains

  • Works on most 50-series chains

  • Maximum master link width 24.8 mm

  • Presses on side plates with roller pins up to 5.25 mm (0.207") in diameter.

  • Will not damage master links

  • Hardened steel pins for reliable use

  • Lightweight billet aluminum construction

  • Durable blue anodized finish with laser-engraved markings

  • Not for use in breaking rivet master links

  • Original Motion Pro Design

Part No. 08-0675

  • Versatile enough to be used on drive chains and some cam chains

  • Will break chains from #35 to #630

  • For chain #520 and up, it is recommended to grind the rivet head

  • Can assemble 50 series press on master links

  • Can rivet hollow nose master links up to #630.

  • Each kit includes 3 pin sizes to fit most chains (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)

  • Investment-cast hardened body, and redesigned body bolt

  • Recommended for light to medium-duty use

  • For riveting hollow nose master links only

  • Kit includes press plates to rivet 50 series chain only

  • For riveting solid nose master links such as those found on EK and Regina chains, use 08-0135 Jumbo Chain tool in conjunction with 08-0142 Quad-Stake Rivet Kit or the 08-0470 PBR Chain Tool.

Part No. 08-0058

  • Prevents rotation of chain and sprockets for easy removal or installation of counter shaft nut

  • Can be used to pull the rear wheel against chain blocks when tightening the rear axle

  • CNC billet aluminum construction

  • Blue anodize and laser etching for easy identification

  • Patented Design

Part No. 08-0642

  • Double-ended brush for cleaning chains and other components

  • Three-sided brush to clean chain rollers and side plates in one operation

  • Long straight bristles on the opposite end to clean hard-to-reach areas

  • Durable nylon brush and high-quality plastic handle

Part No. 08-0695


AMCO Oil & Gas Company, Inc was founded in 2020 by a 22-year Petroleum Landman in the State of West Virginia. With a passion for motorsports and superbikes all his life, AMCO Superbikes was formed. AMCO Superbikes specializes in Honda Supersport Motorcycle sales, service, aftermarket, and OEM parts.

For more oil and gas information, please visit


1000 St. Andrews Drive, Suite 1,

Morgantown, WV 26508

724.320.3032 Superbike Office

681.209.8964 Oil and Gas Main Office

Hours: Mon-Fri   9 am to 6 pm est

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